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A pleasant and harmonising experience.

Make an appointment at the reception desk by calling +420 585 502 999.

Classic SWEDISH massage

Classic Swedish massage removes strain and brings refreshment, relaxes and relieves the muscles, stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system.

The aromatherapy version of the massage takes effect on both the body and the mind. Good results are attained by purely natural substances like essential oils. Aromatherapeutic massage supports the immunity system and helps relieve tension and stress.

Classic SWEDISH massage Duration Price
back + neck + legs 60 mins CZK 655
whole body 100 mins CZK 1,190

Note: The aromatherapy version of the massage is for the same price.

THAI foot massage

Inspired by ancient Chinese therapeutic methods, Thai foot massage has a tradition dating back more than three thousand years. This method is based on the theory of life-energy paths (meridians), connecting zones and points on the feet with individual parts of the body and all organs and glands. The stimulation of reflex points has a positive effect on the whole organism, is beneficial for the psyche and relieves stress.

Many Thai massage enthusiasts regard the foot massage as the supreme form of massage.

Duration Price
THAI foot massage 45 mins CZK 655

HONEY massage

Honey massage is a pleasant form of relaxation after a stressful day, and is also a method capable of removing harmful toxins from the body.

Honey massage is carried out on the client’s back, as this area of human body includes the highest percentage of the reflex zones. Upon applying pressure to the reflex points, toxic substances begin to leave the body through the kidneys, intestines and skin. After a quality honey massage, the client feels light, comfortable, relaxed and slightly tired, while their skin is softer, smoother and scented with a pleasant honey aroma.

Duration Price
HONEY massage 45 mins CZK 655
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